Electrolytic Capacitors: What You Need To Know

This short article will discuss why electrolytic capacitors fail and steps you can take to prevent or prolong the timeframe before this happens. We will not “reinvent the wheel” in this article since much has been written on this subject. Where applicable, I’ll include links to information the reader should review. Some things to know: […]

DS200TCPSG1A Repair: How Powergenics Improves this MK V Power Supply

DS200TCPSG1A Power supplies fail for many reasons: Age (even if they are just sitting on the inventory shelf) Overheating (due to faulty cabinet or panel cooling fans) Dirty environment  Faulty repairs (mostly caused by poor quality replacement parts) Poor installation (Damage that might not be evident right away) Before DS200TCPSG1A power supplies fail, they get “noisy.” […]

Powergenics Launches New Mobile App

Powergenics, a leading supplier of Industrial electronic card repairs and replacement card solutions to power generation and industrial customers, has just launched a new mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phones. This app will enable customers to communicate more quickly and get answers from Powergenics more easily. Customers will be able to quickly request […]